Next Stop to Discovery

The thing about being on a journey of discovery is that often before you begin to find the things that you are seeking, you will first find that there is yet more to be lost. My journey began as I started out in search of the authentic “me” that I had lost. Usually when we lose something, the tendency is to retrace our steps – go back and try to figure out where the thing was lost.

Silly me. That is the way I began my journey to find myself, as if a part of me was frozen in time just waiting to be rediscovered. That might happen with things, such as a lost coin or a lost sheep, but even dumb sheep keep grazing and moving.

No, my journey was to be a journey of discovery, not rediscovery. Unlike Columbus, I would not be allowed to settle and take credit for what already was and had been. My Divine Benefactor wanted more for and from me. My discovery began with more losses. First, my business. Then the marriage. The house was soon reclaimed and after I reclaimed my rental property for habitation, they soon came for that too. I had a very nice repo man who knocked on my door during the wee hours of the night to see if I wanted to take my things from my car – nothing but the Hand of God.

No, on my journey of discovery, I was to take no disease, pestilence or deadly virus into my new land of promise. I was stripped for the journey. Laying aside every weight that would so easily entangle me. If I can just untangle this yoke of unforgiveness that’s choking me.

Onward to Discovery.

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