Compared to a lot of other people that I know, I don’t have many Facebook friends. I have 138 fb friends. Sometimes I wish that number was higher because when it becomes a numbers game, more friends would increase my chances of more likes, comments, and followers. So sometimes I consider following my sister’s advice on how to bring that number up so I’ll have more friends.

But I have 138 face book friends and for now, I‘ve decided to hover around that number. You see, I know those 138 people – they are my friends and not a friend of a friend of a friend’s. I like being able to manage my number of friends enough that whenever one posts something, I can take the time to read it and respond, or not. But it’s just enough that I can communicate with each of them.

My friend Jesus had a lot more FB friends than I do. At one time He had over 5000 fb (fish and bread) friends. And then He got so many likes and comments that at another time He gained another 4000 fish and bread (fb) friends.

But Jesus knew. As He anticipated Calvary, He knew that whether out of fear, disbelief or disappointment, those FB friends would soon disappear. Many of them were just no longer hungry and felt that they didn’t need Jesus any longer. Besides, what could He do, hanging on a cross?

Jesus knew. Luke tells us that at Pentecost, Jesus had 120 friends who showed up. Good friends who were there when He was no longer handing out fish sandwiches.

I had a surgical procedure on Friday and those friends who I had talked to in the proceeding days knew about it.

  • My Quaker friend, Eva who I met in NOLA who now lives in Indiana showed her love across the miles – “pay attention to your body and take it easy” as she texted me throughout the day.
  • My friend, Althea, who called to tell me that as soon as she left the hospital in Lithonia visiting another friend, that she would be by to see what I needed. I told her to go home and get some rest.
  • My friend, Richard, who called to check on me and then called back and had me recite the doctor’s instructions to him. He says that I’m hard headed.
  • My friend, George who rang my doorbell and left a bag of ginger ale and chicken soup. Some people think that cures anything

These past days, I learned anew the value of having friends.  I know that if more of my 138 friends were aware, they would have shown their love too. They say that as one gets older the number of friends decreases. But for now, I have 138 friends, and that’s a good number. Thank you for being my friend.



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