A Treasure to Be Discovered

Life in 3-D Coaching

Last week my beautician showed me a pocketbook that she bought at Goodwill. There was nothing distinguishing about it, as a matter of fact, she said that it wasn’t even in the pocketbook section – someone had picked it up and just cast it aside. There was no gold or silver on the outside; only the inside zipper seemed to be gold. For some reason she bought it, even though it was not her style. It was “heavy” and seemed like genuine leather – “I’ll give it to my granddaughter”, she thought. One day while in her shop, she noticed some very faint writing on the bag and looked closer. She googled the name of the designer (which I’ve forgotten) and found a picture of her bag. It was worth $1400.00. The website gave all the indications to determine its authenticity. A treasure find!
That may be your story; it…

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