About the Coach

  Welcome to About Me.Photo0537 (3)

My name is Lucille Anderson and I am glad that you took the time to stop by and read my posts and about me.

Photo0345   Aaliyah       DariusPhoto0347 - Copy Darius


My Family

I am the mother of one grown daughter, Sharon.  I guess that she would have to be grown because she is the mother of my grandson, Justin (Alesa) and she’s also the grandmother of my GGbabies, Aaliyah and Darius. That makes me a proud ggmommy!!


My Faith –

I am a Christian and love all people regardless of faith or religion. My calling is that of preacher/teacher and counselor in the Baptist faith. I spent years as part of the United Methodist Church and have preached in several denominations.  I have also served as a hospital chaplain in the New Orleans area.

Other Facts –

My education includes a BA in Biblical Counseling, MA in Christian Studies, half way to a Masters of Divinity, Board Certifiable as a hospital chaplain and Coaching training.

I am passionate about reading, walking, preaching and other public speaking.  I like decorating my townhouse and dabble in different arts and crafts.  I will distress furniture to de-stress myself. Last year while in school, I tackled a DIY project of refacing my kitchen cabinets, installing backsplash, painting my appliances stainless steel and the rest of the works.

Photo0120 - Copy

I am still growing and learning and having the very best time of my life.

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