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Good Men Should Do or At Least Say Something

Something has been very heavy on my mind this week. Except for a few, the Black church has been very quiet concerning the political and racial climate of our nation at this time. I say the Black church because as … Continue reading

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Tho the blossoms that lived in summer and spring have faded and died, Your garden remains, though dormant for a while.     For you know that spring will come again, and flowers will bloom anew. And, so it is with … Continue reading

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A Treasure to Be Discovered

    Last week my beautician showed me a pocketbook that she bought at Goodwill. There was nothing distinguishing about it, as a matter of fact, she said that it wasn’t even in the pocketbook section – someone had picked … Continue reading

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Journey Delayed Due to an Inclement Life

My definition of being lost is not knowing how you got  where you are, and how to get to where you want to be. That is where I found myself over ten years ago –lost. Oh, I knew that I … Continue reading

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Detours on the Way to Discovery

“Shepherd,” she said despairingly, “I can’t understand this. The guides you gave me say that we must go down there into that desert, turning right away from the High Places altogether…Oh, no,” she cried. “You can’t mean it. You said … Continue reading

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Next Stop to Discovery

The thing about being on a journey of discovery is that often before you begin to find the things that you are seeking, you will first find that there is yet more to be lost. My journey began as I … Continue reading

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Why I Write

I write because I have lived long enough to hopefully, have something to say that someone will want to hear or read. I write because when the voice has been silenced, the written word remains. I write because the word … Continue reading

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