Coaching Services

We offer the following programs as your coach:

Calling and Destiny Discovery® Coaching


This course is for persons who are:

  • Trying to discern the call of God on their lives.
  • Wanting a life purpose which brings them meaning and satisfaction in the service of others.
  • Examining different types of calling, including relational and vocational calls.
  • Needing help understanding what on earth they are here for! Attention will focus on life experiences which serve as clues to calling.

Purpose Clarity® Coaching

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Purpose Clarity is for persons who may be:

  • Going through a major life transition
  • needing a personal awakening or reinventing yourself after an illness, divorce, job loss, relocation or disaster
  • Reclaiming/discovering your identity
  • Identifying your future direction now that you aren’t working
  • Seeking a job or career change
  • Returning to work after a stint of stay-at-home parenting, caregiving, or illness
  • Evaluating your retirement options
  • Relocating military spouse or military personnel re-entering the civilian


Life In Transition Empowerment – LITE® Coaching


LITE coaching is for persons who are or have experienced a planned or unplanned life transition and are having difficulty navigating the changes.  Used in conjunction with the Purpose Clarity program, the LITE program focuses on the emotional and spiritual challenges of loss or being in transition, not just getting to the next step or making the next decision. This program is for persons who may be:

  • Feeling threatened, victimized, or bitter about the changes they are experiencing.
  • Needing help recognizing the move of God while maintaining a right perspective  while navigating their storm.
  • Wanting to come out of their storm stronger and empowered.


PeopleMap® Coaching


This personality assessment tool:

  • Helps you to understand your personality type and of those around you.
  • Increases communication and collaboration team cohesiveness, effective conflict resolution skills and greater job productivity.
  • Promote better interpersonal relationship experiences at home, work, church, etc.